E-filing of Income Tax Return Verification | An Easy Guide

E-filing of Income Tax Return Verification

Here you will find the guide on how to file your own Income Tax Return online and how to verify the same thereafter. Hence, if you intend to file your own return easily and most importantly, accurately you need to read this article carefully: e filing of income tax return verification.

E filing income tax return

The last date of submission of income tax return is 31st July 2019 for the income of the Financial Year 2018-19. The date may be extended to a further period. But, as of now, 31st July is the last date for filing return.
For the efiling of your income tax return, at first, you have to visit the e-filing portal, the official portal of the Income Tax Department. Here, you need to log in with your credentials, i.e. your PAN and your password. If you have forgotten your password,  you can reset it by the link provided in the portal.
Besides, you can create your password here, if you are a first timer. I mean to say that if you are going to submit your return online for the first time and don't get yourself registered with E-filing Portal yet, you have to complete your registration process first. You can find help to get registered for e filing here. Before to create your E-filing password, read the guide: How to Register for Filing ITR? for your help.
Now, after logging into Efiling Portal, do the followings one by one.
  • Choose your ITR form.
  • Update your personal details.
  • Fill the income details.
  • Verify your tax deduction details, if any.
  • Enter the bank details now.
  • Next, overview all the entries you made.
  • Press the proceed button, if everything is ok.
After completing each step carefully, you have to opt for verification your return before submitting it. Hence, read this article, e filing income tax return verification, till the end to find a complete guide from filing ITR online to e-verify your return.

Verification of Income Tax Return

E-filing of Income Tax Return Verification

As I mentioned just above that you must choose one of the three options before the final submission of your return. The options are
  1. E-verify now
  2. E-verify later ( within 120 days)
  3. Don't want to e-verify.

E-verify now

If you have already prevalidated your bank account or demat account or having your mobile number registered with Aadhar and Aadhar number with the E-filing Portal, you can go with the option e-verify now. Therefore, you have to select the radio button against "I would like to everify".
In this case, the e-verification process starts as soon as you submit your return. Thereafter, you need to select options from Aadhar OTP/ Bank Account/ net banking/ demat account to verify your return online.
For the details of the above-mentioned process, you should read the guide on 5 Ways to eVerify Return You Should Know

E-verify later ( within 120 days)

It is the second opinion, you will find, at the time of return submission. By selecting the option you can submit your income tax return online successfully. Moreover, the verification of the return can be done later on by generating EVC.
In this case, it is a must to verify your tax return within 120 days from the submission of the same.
Click here to know how to generate EVC and verify your return online.

Don't want to e-verify

If you want to send the acknowledgement copy of the return to the IT department, you should choose the last option i.e. "Don't want to e-verify" before the final submission of your return. In this case, you need to take a print out of the acknowledgement after filing the return successfully. Then send the signed copy to the CPC Bangalore for manual Verification of income tax return.


In conclusion, it should be said that if you further need any explanation or any more details on filing an income tax return you must read the post An A to Z Guide on Filing Income Tax Return Online. Feel free to comment on and share the post with others. Thanks for reading.


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